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Waxing & Grinding

Waxing & sharpening of snowboards and skis

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Price List Maintenance snowboard and skis:

  • €10.00 Grinding
  • €10.00 Waxing
  • €20.00 Waxing & sharpening. | Most chosen!
  • €25.00 Waxing & sharpening | ready while you wait.
  • €30.00 Waxing, grinding & filling.
  • €5.00 Adjustment of ski bindings.
  • €5.00 Mounting and dismounting bindings snowboard
  • 60,00 Drilling and mounting ski binding

You can come to us for waxing, sharpening and/or filling your snowboard or skis.

  • Why the snowboard/ski waxing?
    Waxing a snowboard or ski is an important part of maintenance. You will notice immediately on the slopes that proper treatment pays off: the snowboard or ski glides better and turns lighter.
  • Why sharpen the snowboard?
    The steel edges of your skis or board provide grip on the slope and good steering. Snow (especially hard snow) blunts the edges quickly. After two weeks of winter sports, sometimes only 40% of the original sharpness is left. On some harder slopes, this makes you feel insecure. Sharp steel edges and grinding are thus indispensable for making bends.
  • Why pad the belay of the snowboard?
    You may hit something sharp while snowboarding. This can cause deep scratches in your board or ski, it is important to fill them. If you do not do this, moisture can penetrate the belay and, in the worst case, your entire belay will eventually fall off.
  • Can I have my ski binding adjusted?
    We can adjust the skis. Please bring 1 shoe and provide your weight, height and experience when dropping off. Then we will adjust the ski as desired.

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